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Technologii Upakovki Ltd.

Dear Friends

Welcome to Scientific Trade Union Technologii Upakovki Ltd , the company where nothing is ordinary. If you are looking for a really good packaging machinery you have come to the right place.

We are really proud of Engineering Bureau that was created from high educated and experienced people. Our company is elaborating and producing a high-speed packaging machinery at the facilities of one of the former largest military plant. The machinery we make meets all the technical requirements of our customers. We take care of all incoming requests, always trying to help every potential client find out a really suitable decision concerning type and properties of equipment he is looking for. Also our company distributes at Russian market the packaging machinery of a lot of foreign producers. Moreover we offer to clients the expendable materials for packaging automats that they are going to order. We are installing the automats, accepting the guarantee obligations about and supplying the spare parts for it. The Service Station that located in Moscow will take care of all after-market support to each client who is asking about service.

We look forward to hearing from both our established customers and also perspective clients.

Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions, comments, or inquires you might have.

Kind Regards Boguslavskiy L.A., Generall Director

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